Betty D. Adams

I have always loved seeing beautiful gardens and lawns and probably the main reason why I decided to focus my study about it. I am a graduate of the Missouri State University with a major in Turf Grass Management. I have dedicated my time and works to learn and be an expert in the field. For years of experience and continuous learning, I can undoubtedly call myself, THE LAWN CARE EXPERT!

Being a lawn care expert is not just a mere job for me, It is my passion. I love being close to nature and so I think of being a lawn care expert as a big responsibility of advocating eco-friendly approach in the business. Having beautiful lawns and gardens are a way of improving one’s quality of life and it is my job as a lawn care expert to create a strong bond between humans and nature. Lawns are not just for aesthetic purposes, it is also our way of nurturing our environment by filtering pollution and dust from water and air. There is definitely more to lawn care if you look at the bigger picture.

Being able to illuminate this passion to others is just so great. It is my pleasure to be of service to other people’s lawn care and or maintenance needs. I make sure that I only use the best approach and products to achieve one’s satisfaction and to bring people’s dreams to reality.

I highly regard your suggestions and ideas on how you want your lawn and gardens to be served or maintained. Although I am the lawn expert here, it is critical that your ideas and suggestions be acknowledged because, at the end of the day, I am only here to help you out by giving the best professional advice and services for your lawns and garden’s needs. I have always wanted my clients to be somehow involved in the process so that they will be able to uphold the value of having lawns and gardens aside for its artistic purpose.

I have already helped and served a lot of people in the area and are growing in numbers. I love to recreate your lawns and gardens natural beauty into something unique, fascinating and valuable. I love to build strong connections between nature and to everyone’s heart. Most of all, I would love to be your LAWN CARE EXPERT. So, how may I help you?